5 ways to score more marks in government exams : Part 1

5 ways to score more marks in government exams : Part 1

If you look around you everyone is doing the same thing. Going to classes, going to a library to study, breaking his back for 10-14 hrs and promising nariyals to gain some luck. Preparing for a government exam is very very difficult. Each mark you add to your final score increases your chance, to get the dream job.  

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         Recall not Repetition

A lot of times our focus is solely on revising material 2,3,10 times. This helps very little. What you need to practice is recall.  How? Give tests identify the areas you are weak work on them and then re-test. Visiting the material, again and again, gives you a false sense of security that you know it. But, in reality, what you hold in your brain is very less. The true test of what you have learned is a test. There is a time-tested technique for repetition, it is called spaced-repetition. Another aspect to keep in mind is changing your test environment. It should be different from your study environment. Because exam halls are a completely different place. Practice giving exams in different environments.

         The Feynman Method

Decide on a difficult topic to study. Study it as best you can. Close the material and now take a black sheet of paper. Now try explaining to yourself the concept that you read. The goal is to make it so simple even a child can understand it. Only that person can explain something in simple terms who has mastered the topic himself. Let’s say we indentify few areas which are not crystal clear, time to repeat the process. Study again, close the material, take a fresh sheet and here we go again.  This can also be done with a friend. Teaching brings out a lot of areas where you need to work.

The Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 90s. This simple technique requires you to work hard at a problem for 25 minutes and take break for 5 minutes. Repeat the cycle four times. After you have completed the 4 cycles take a longer break for 15 minutes.


The trick here is to make sure you are working on a single task and it can be broken down into 25 minutes chunk. Breaks are very important those are to take rest and keep the motivation up. It acts like a prize you get in the end of your hard work. This also ensures productivity is not diping. Imaging yourself sitting on the table for 4 hours but reading only for 2 hrs and wondering about the food or the color of the wall in front of you?

You can use a pomodoro app or buy an actual pomodoro timer

Stop Multi tasking

Darren Criss Books GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Do not be this guy, though it looks cool. Multitasking is a myth, we work best when we are single mindedly focued on one task only. Biggest problem here is mobile and laptop. Yes, your favorite study tools are your biggest enemy. That notification ping broke your pace. Now, you need to see what it is? Did someone messaged me? New TVF video? Request accept ho gya kya :P? STOP. Make sure you focus on only one thing at a time. Resist the tempetation to fact check on mobile/laptop. Because you will end up with 10 tabs and then question what I was doing here? When you study mute your phone. Note down the doubts, check them later when you have finished your study quota or on breaks.

     Exercise regularly

Exercising is not only good for body but also for your mind. You might find it hard to digest but your ability to remember things and learn new skills and more slowly declines with age. But with regular exercise, you can slow this down or even improve on this. You can do something simple and efficient like 7 minutes workout Exercise has a lot of other positives. You look good \:D/. You manage stress better. We all know how stressful government exam preparation can be. Your sleep improves. If you can’t find 7 minutes in your schedule, you should really look at your schedule again.   Little bonus :  
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